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I had a guest speaker who is a senior content marketing manager at LinkedIn come to my class last night and he confirmed that the LinkedIn long form post is now available to EVERYONE!      Have you tried it?  Did you notice it?  I’ve had it for several months and it’s very easy to use.

Do you see that little pencil icon on far right side of the Share an update box?  You just click on that and you’re taken to a page where you can post a long form blog.

What are some of the advantages to this type of post?
1. You can of course, write more relevant content for your audience on LinkedIn.
2. It has longevity.  A status update is fleeting and ephemeral.  A blog post shows up on your profile page on LinkedIn with an image (you can upload one or LinkedIn will provide one).
3. They are searchable via Google and add to your credibility because of that.
4. They can be picked up on LinkedIn and distributed to a wider audience if you start to get some traction within your connections (likes, shares, comments).

So, give it a try!

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Is it too early to start thinking about 2015?


I just finished up a consulting project for one of my corporate clients to help them size and allocate their sales force for 2015. Most of my solopreneur clients aren’t yet thinking about 2015, but I’m going to challenge you to start soon.

What are you keeping the same? What are you changing? Where will your revenue come from?

I make spreadsheets each year and outline where my revenue will come from each month of the upcoming year.
Will I offer workshops?
Will I offer consulting packages? How many of each type?
Which months will I be traveling for Wharton and/or vacation?
What marketing tactics will I add this year? Are there any that I want to eliminate?
Will I keep my pricing the same? or update it?
Every element of the marketing mix gets a review.

Do you want to get more organized and get the plans in place so that 2015 is your best year ever? I’m offering 1/2 day and full-day one-on-one business retreats so you can start 2015 with the plan that will let you learn it, do it, and profit! And, if you schedule your retreat by October 30th, I’m offering a $150 discount off of my regular pricing for taking fast action!

Get all the details here:

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Email works. Don’t forget about it!

Email is likely the BEST platform for delivering YOUR message.

Of all the things that I recommend to my clients, the most impactful over the long run is email marketing.

Not just one email.   But, ongoing communication with your target audience through their inbox.

Social media may seem sexier, but ultimately, reminding people regularly in a venue in which they’re a bit more captive, works better.    And, there is still power in it even if they don’t open it and read it. Just seeing your name in their inbox gives you an edge when it comes to recall and recognition.

Are you using email marketing?
Are you stuck on figuring out the technology part of it?
Do you want advice on implementing a more effective way?

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What are you launching?

Lots of Launching!

Apple is not the only company who launched a new product recently.  Several of my clients are in the midst of launching new products, new programs, new services, new websites! I love the energy around back-to-school and the start of fall that brings about this inspiration to clear out some old and bring in some new.

As I’ve been consulting on these launches, I’ve noticed that one of my guiding principles “progress, not perfection” often comes into play.    Not to say that the new product, service, program or website shouldn’t be awesome.  But, it doesn’t need to be perfect (since that is likely unattainable anyway!) I often find that reframing things as tests, pilots, experiments, trials, etc. can help get things moving forward if a client seems to continue to want to tweak something ad infinitum.

On my own launch list is a new web-based class that I will host at Udemy.   I’m not close to having it done yet, but expect that I will use ‘progress, not perfection’ as I push to get it done and out this fall.

What are you launching?

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which platforms work for you?

This is a quick photo from the whiteboard in my class this week.

I started teaching at Mills this week and did a quick poll to see which social media platforms my students are using. No surprise that all 9 MBA students are using LinkedIn!  Facebook was a close second with 8 students using it. It can be overwhelming to think about participating on all of the platforms that are out there (even this list isn’t really complete).

I recommend that you first think about your audience and where they are or are not showing up.  Adult women, for example, are more likely to use Facebook and Pinterest. Teens are not on LinkedIn or Facebook. You should also consider your message and if one of these platforms works better than another for conveying the message. For example, if you have a highly visual service or product (hair stylist, floral designer), then I’d consider adding Instagram and/or Pinterest to your mix. If you want to learn more about either of these, then my Sept 23rd workshop would be a good fit. ( Only $25 if you pre-register and there are only a few spots left. Register Here!)

Have you been using any of the social media platforms for your business?  Which ones? What’s working for you?

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