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I get Gretchen Rubin’s (author of several books including The Happiness Project) weekly newsletter. This week she wrote “A quest is more fun than a jaunt..” when describing her daily visits to the Met museum.

That got me to thinking, is a quest more fun than a jaunt?

I take a nice 45-minute neighborhood jaunt most mornings. It’s fun and mellow and I see interesting things – from gorgeous flowers to beat-up cars. I roam and try different routes as I’m not really planning to go to a specific place most of the time.

rose, beat up car and another flower

A quest on the other hand has more purpose and planning and while it is likely to be more rewarding, I’m not sure if it’s always going to be more fun!

I am thinking of a quest walk this weekend. The Berkeley Rose Garden is usually stunning this time of year and if the roses in my neighborhood are an indication, the ones in the garden should be magnificent. From my house, it’s a quest to walk there. It’s just over a mile away but the challenge that makes it a quest is the 300 feet of elevation gain in that mile.

I have two other quests that are active right now. I’m building my knowledge about AI tools for small businesses to build expertise in that area and to use the tools for my clients and MarketingU. I’ve also just started learning Italian on Duolingo!  I hope to be heading to Italy in one year for a trip that was initially planned for May 2020!

Are you on any quests right now? Have you taken any jaunts? Which is more fun for you?