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Mailchimp (and other email marketing platforms) allow you to test open rates or click rates based on Subject Lines (or other variables).  I recommend taking advantage of this if your version of Mailchimp (paid or grandfathered in with this feature) allows it so you can see if there are patterns in which subject lines work best for your audience.

I got this email this morning from Best Buy with the unusual subject line “YES! Another excellent email from Best Buy…”  My first thought was that it was a placeholder that someone had forgotten to update before sending it out.   My second thought was that maybe they did it on purpose and the open rate was higher with this subject line than with the other one that they tested.

Both theories seem plausible to me- I did open it since I was curious and yet, it was NOT an excellent email imo ;). It was mostly images and very little copy.  No promotions- not even a focus on TVs as you often see during the football playoff season!

What do you think?  On purpose?  An accident? Excellent or not?