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Success Stories

I’ve been working with Lisa since the beginning of 2017.  I run a small massage therapy business in Oakland with 7 team members and decided it was time to get some help with our marketing efforts.  In this digital age where more than half of us are online via our mobile devices, my snail mail campaigns needed to be replaced with a better online presence, better search results on Yelp and Google, and relevant and regular email campaigns via MailChimp with our clients.

Lisa’s Solopreneur Package has been just the right fit for my budget and ability level.  Our face to face meetings always provide a learning opportunity, an accountability check, and encouragement.  Her background as an educator is clearly evident as she deftly moves between the technical aspects, which I have no interest in learning (website code, for example), and explaining things I do want to master in a way I can process and digest.  I’m steadily learning to handle the nuances of marketing via MailChimp, Facebook, my online scheduling software, and my gift certificate software.  One of her greatest strengths is that she has an uncanny ability to interpret the data we’re collecting to always see the bigger picture, which in turn helps me steer the ship.

The results have been nothing short of jaw-dropping.  In 2017, Lisa helped our business grow 59% in gross revenue.  That easily paid for her reasonable cost of services and has allowed me breathing room both financially, mentally, and emotionally.  Lisa is passionate, engaged, informed, and loves what she does.  I can attest to experiencing fully her motto:  Learn it, Do it, Profit!

Stan B.

Owner, Synapse Massage and Bodywork

I have been working with Lisa for over 15 years and my business has not only grown financially but she has also helped me reimagine the services and customers I work with.  What I can depend on from Lisa is her expert marketing lens that provides insights on how I can maximize my impact. I also benefit from her technical prowess that has helped me build a few websites and is the engine behind using the platforms that deliver my newsletters and the other ways I reach out to clients. She has encouraged me over the years in many ways, through the several rollercoasters of economic shifts, supporting me to meet the challenges that having my own small business presents.  My gratitude for all that she brings is without bounds.

Carolyn G.

Owner, Evolve Consulting

I have worked with Lisa since 2013, and with her help I have grown my business to twice its original revenue, while allowing me to cultivate more joy and satisfaction in my work. Her expertise has been invaluable in running 3 different businesses; the primary one a summer art camp, then a solo travel business, and now marketing my fine art.  In each case, the marketing skills I learned from her quickly showed returns in attracting more clients, and a better experience in understanding my specific niche in the marketplace. I highly recommend working with Lisa!

Beth H

Owner, Dancing Paintbrush Studio