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What’s on your reading list these days?  Also, ‘how’ are you reading?

I’m fascinated by my own modes of reading lately.  I didn’t use to listen to audiobooks very often but I now walk for about 40 minutes every day and listening to podcasts and audiobooks has become part of my walking routine!  I’m currently listening to (and really enjoying) Never Split the Difference (I’ve linked it to the Amazon page, but I actually got it on ChirpBooks via BookBub’s info that it was on a deep discount).

I also had a practice of usually buying business-related books as physical books because I find it easier to go find the good nuggets in a physical book vs on a Kindle (or audiobook).  However, I had pre-ordered Unreasonable Hospitality and started reading it as soon as it arrived but didn’t keep going right away because these days I tend to read on my kindle before going to sleep most nights and a physical hardcover book in bed isn’t as convenient! I just opened it back up again as I prepped for this email!

I’m trying to decide which form factor is best for pre-ordering the new Jonah Berger book, Magic Words which comes out next month. I read Contagious by the same author when it first came out and appreciated the translation of academic research (which I love) into a popular press book.

It’s interesting how reading more than one book seems easier to me when they’re in different formats as well. I have no guilt about not picking up the “other” book ;).

Any bets on if I’ll finish Unreasonable Hospitality or Never Split the Difference first? I’ll give a little more insight into each one as I finish them in future emails.

How do you read books?  Are there any good ones on your list?