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Thanksgiving in September?

This email arrived in my inbox on Sunday, September 11th. September 11th is a full 74 days before Thanksgiving this year.

And there are many holidays before Thanksgiving! I celebrate the Jewish High Holidays, Halloween, some fall birthdays, and *then* Thanksgiving!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of seasonal marketing- see my PSL post! And it is a great way to help generate content as you work your way through the calendar. All that said, September 11th is probably not the day to email about Thanksgiving.

What seasonal messaging are you considering this September? October? and November? A few quick ideas for this year or next:  Back-to-school (next year); Fall; Fall Equinox (next week); Indigenous People’s Day; Halloween; Thanksgiving; Holiday Prepping…

If you want some more ideas, join us in the SmallButMighty.Biz Community