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no new customers on window signCan you guess what kind of business this is?  

The first thing that comes to my mind is they have some kind of capacity constraint. Maybe it’s a self-imposed capacity constraint, like they want to leave their shop at a decent hour or maybe they don’t have enough employees or inventory or space…

They also seem likely to have a lot of repeat business since they’re specific that they don’t want new customers. Their current client base is probably sufficient to keep them ‘full’ with repeat business. The lifetime value of their customers must be pretty decent too- and maybe each transaction is a fairly high amount.

We can also consider the aesthetics (or lack thereof) of the building and the sign. It’s a business where design impact isn’t that important. So, probably not a hair salon (which might have met the criteria above).

Any guesses?  Here’s a link to the second photo that she sent me which shows you the business name!

Were you right?

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