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I’ve been thinking about documenting “Marketing in the Wild” for a few years..

There are so many good (and bad) examples of marketing efforts out there in the wild!¬† What have you seen that you’ve liked? thought worked? thought were terrible? A client recently sent me some photos of a shop that had some ‘interesting’ examples ūüėȬ† I’ll include them in a future newsletter!

Today, however, is 4/20 and there were several fun examples highlighting the date and matching it to the offering in my email box today.

From HomeRoom (a local restaurant focusing on specialty mac n cheese)
subject line: We’ve got your munchie cravings covered!

homeroom -4.20 ad

From the ACLU:
subject line: Can we be blunt? Our 4/20 Collection is dope.

ACLU 4-20 ad

From Gordo’s Taqueria
subject line: 4/20? Discounted fatties?!?!

gordos- promo code munchies

Do you like them? Do you think they’ll work for their target audiences?
Did you do any 4/20 themed marketing efforts today?