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Last week I did a test to see if my email newsletter would have any differences in open rates/ click rates if I sent it on a Saturday vs my usual weekday selection.  Overall, my open rates were pretty close though Saturday’s was slightly lower than the other one.

Also interesting is the timing of the openings. The top graph shows the timing in opening of the email from last Saturday and the one below is the same info from an email sent on a weekday.

On a Saturday, folks are likely not all at their computers opening recent emails shortly after they arrive as the openings are spread throughout the day. On the weekday, most people opened it within a few hours of me sending the email. I checked several other weekday emails and they all followed a similar pattern.
At this point, I don’t have any actionable take-aways from the timing differences but since my open rates are a smidge higher on the weekdays, I’m going to stick to that.  Do you poke around on these reports on Mailchimp or on your email marketing tool?  What have you learned?

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