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Well, this year has been a doozy so far!
The image above was from my last email newsletter about choosing AUDACIOUS as my word of the year.

I was hoping *I* was going to be audacious this year.
It looks like 2020 thought *it* was supposed to be audacious.

I’ll admit that it’s taken me a bit of time to find my equilibrium in this new situation.  I started to change my behaviors at the very end of February (fewer face-to-face meetings, lots of handwashing, social distancing, etc) and, of course, have followed the local shelter-in-place requirements since March 16th.

The first few weeks were pretty full with client meetings as we shifted to Zoom or phone instead of in-person meetings. As things progressed, a few clients have understandably needed to take a pause in our work together. A few clients wanted to ramp up as their businesses may have some quicker growth opportunities now.  Most have adapted to some extent to this new situation and we are continuing our work together but at a slightly different pace.

As a bit of a data geek, I have followed several tracking sites to see how our region, state and country are doing with testing, cases and, sadly, deaths. I started to see some signs that the regional and state efforts are yielding good results over the past few days.  Phew, it’s good to know that sheltering in place makes a difference and it makes sense that it was just extended to May 3rd.

So, now what?

That is the question for so many of us.
Are there creative pivot opportunities?
Can we just migrate our businesses online and continue as we did before?
How do we maintain financial and psychological resiliency as our old world changes before our eyes?