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My first “Mystery Box” from an online clothing shop arrived the other day. I’d never bought one before (from any shop) but it was a brand I’d been curious about (Universal Standard, if you’re wondering) and the price was good at just $55 for three tops.

When I opened the box, I honestly was a bit disappointed.  The three tops were the exact same style, just in different colors.  I had hoped to try at least two styles to get a feel for their fit. The good news is that as I’ve worn them, I’ve found that they’re super comfy and the price was still great so I’m pretty happy with the purchase.

I’ve been thinking about the idea of a “Mystery Box.” For a retailer, I can see the benefit of moving inventory out of your store/warehouse.  For the consumer it lets you try out something that you might not have and you get a little thrill of wondering what you’ll get in the box!

Have you ever bought a “Mystery Box” or even a monthly subscription with items chosen by the retailer?  Did you like it?  Have you offered anything like these to your clients?

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