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A year ago today,  I had my last in-person client meeting.

A few weeks earlier, I was starting to think about how the coronavirus might impact a client’s live event they were planning for late-March 2020.  By March 2nd, I recommended he considering postponing it.   He didn’t think he needed to postpone it all when we chatted and I thought he’d be fine postponing it until June or July.  Little did we know that we’d be sheltering-in-place by the third week of March and not hosting any live events for the duration!

Here we are, one year later, and every one of us and our businesses has felt at least some impact from the pandemic.  I’m fortunate that none of my close family, friends, clients, or colleagues has had a serious case of COVID and most have not had it at all.

As the rate of vaccine roll-out accelerates and I now know many clients, family members, and friends who have at least one, if not both of their series, we are starting to glimpse some kind of return to some new kind of normal.

Many of my client conversations these days include some attempt at figuring out what that new normal might be. How will it impact my clients’ businesses?  What opportunities are there? What parts of the past year did we enjoy and how can we maintain those as we move forward?

If you or a colleague would like to strategize about potential new opportunities, schedule a free 30-minute consultation with me.  Now is a good time to start imagining the new normal for your business and I’d love to support you in your marketing efforts!