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We’re now well into the third week of February.   I no longer have that “New Year” energy, and I’m guessing you don’t have it either.

Over the years, I’ve learned several ways to keep taking action towards my goals even if I don’t have the energetic boost that comes with a new year or even a new idea.  There is a lot of research into the science of habits and motivation that is useful. I recommend reading Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg or Atomic Habits by James Clear for the background on this.  There are also plenty of organizational systems to help out- whether paper/pencil or digital.

One of my pandemic take-aways is that I work well with a blend of paper and pencil, and digital.  I’ve been a Bullet Journal’er for over 5 years and that’s all paper and pencil.  I have been using a RocketBook for client notes for nearly two years. This pen and reusable paper option has an app to easily scan, digitize and organize (on Google drive for me) all my notes.  Google Calendar has been my mainstay for over a decade and in combination with apps like Calendly and a Zoom extension for Google Cal easily allow me to schedule client meetings without much effort. All of these tools together have helped me to continue to make progress even if that ‘newness’ of the new year has worn off a bit.

What combination of high and/or low-tech tools do you use to keep on track?  Are you keeping on pace with your 2021 plans, intentions and goals?