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Six months in to the pandemic, it’s very clear that we’re in for a much longer haul than we initially expected when shelter-in-place started in mid-March.  How has the new normal for your business evolved?

Over these past six months, I’ve seen lots of creativity from my clients as they initially pivoted from in-person to online delivery of services.  More recently, as we have grown to understand how COVID-19 is transmitted, I’ve seen clients pivot again to offering some in-person options, whether outdoors or indoors with enhanced safety protocols as allowed by our public safety departments.  I recently rearranged our home to get a more private work space, engaged a Zoom makeover consultant, and have upped my online visibility on multiple social media platforms.  I’ve also realized that my fairly frequent Marketing Q&A sessions allow me to both stay connected with my current audience and to help me to expand it.

As we move into the fall and winter, there will be some more shifts for those businesses that need to figure out outdoor options in colder, wetter moments.  There may be more freedom when the expected inexpensive, paper-type tests hit the market.  Imagine that we could know for a few dollars and within a few minutes if we or one of our customers tests positive for the virus.