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I cried this morning.

I overheard part of the acceptance speech from last night’s RNC on a radio program and I walked out of the room. I sat at our dining room table and a wave of sadness hit me and I cried. I have noticed that smoky days make me more vulnerable to those waves as the reality of COVID, fires, and racial injustice pile on.

And yet, I have a bias towards action. After a couple of minutes, I pulled out my postcards to send to voters. I scheduled upcoming Q&A sessions for small business owners. I worked on to-do lists and proposals. I found gratitude in noticing that I’m able to do all of these things.

I am reminded of my word of the year today: AUDACIOUS.  I have struggled with this word since early March when any chance of audacity in the way I had imagined in late December seemed to disappear. And yet, President Obama’s book was entitled the Audacity of Hope.  Maybe I am being audacious by hoping. By hoping that my political actions and my support of small local businesses can make a difference.  So here’s to doing the work, taking actions, and being audacious in whatever ways we can through this mess of a moment.