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It’s been a month since shelter-in-place went into effect for the whole state of California. I’ve settled into some new routines for both work and family time.

On the work front, I’ve done the open Zoom Room one time each during the past three weeks. The first two were open discussion but last week we focused on Mailchimp Q&A.

I’m also still looking at the COVID-19 tracking numbers more often than I should. I’m intrigued by ripple effects in our economy and in small and large businesses.  There are so many examples of disequilibrium right now and I wonder what things will look like on the other side.  Today’s news of the plunge in oil prices is one example. For many, the challenge of getting toilet paper or flour and yeast are other examples.  I scored my online Costco delivery of toilet paper last week after checking daily for about a month!  Maybe that’s starting to get back into equilibrium.

Wishing you health and safety and plenty of toilet paper!