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Tomorrow is the first night of Passover, the Jewish holiday that celebrates freedom and the escape from slavery and the Pharoah in Egypt.  We retell the story so that each generation is reminded that freedom can’t be taken for granted and to remember both the sorrow and the happiness of that time.

We usually host at least 16 people around our fully-extended dining table, but not this year. Instead, we’ll be on Zoom with our extended family creating some new version of a Passover seder.

And that’s how I’m thinking of our businesses also.  There is a lot of creating of new versions going on, with many also involving Zoom!

Since I’m so lucky to work with clients who are caring and concerned, there’s also a lot of discussion about what feels appropriate (or not) in this moment for their business. They want to capture the opportunities while still being authentic human beings and caring about their clients.