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Some years, my word takes a while to show up…
this was one of those years, but it was worth the wait! 

Not just a new year, but a leap year, an election year, and the beginning of a new decade!  After several false starts for my word including ask, invite, magical, delightful along with a few others that never felt exactly right. I saw the word ‘audacious’ and it clicked!

To me audacious is bold and fearless, mixed in with a bit of irreverence. I expect all of those meanings will serve me well in 2020 as I work to take my business to a new level while still being engaged in political activism.  I typically use my word to help drive decisions when I’m not 100% sure.  This past year, was to think about whether the option was leading me to the vibrant life I want.  2020, I’ll ask if this is the audacious choice!

Finally, I look forward to helping my clients be audacious in their businesses as well!

Do you pick a word each year?  What word did you pick?