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I’ve been interested in the idea of behaviors vs outcomes for a long time.  I even wrote another blog post on this idea a few years ago.

As a doctoral student working on my dissertation and other related research, I was focused on developing models to evaluate salespeople and their outcomes and identifying which behaviors (or other factors) contributed to those results.

One of my takeaways from my dissertation dataset was that over 50% of the results could be explained by the territory and not by the sales rep’s actions.  Some fertile territories were successful no matter which rep was there.  The marketing team that gave me the pharmaceutical data knew it too. They said that if they were ever a sales rep that they knew exactly which territory in Florida they would want!  

As a small business owner, I’ve thought about the interplay between the goal and the action. I can set the goal (outcome), but I can’t do the goal. I can only do the actions that I think will achieve the goal.  So, I can set a goal of growing my business by 25%, but I have to think about the actions that are likely to lead to that growth rate and then do those actions and course-correct if they’re not getting me there fast enough. I may also need to consider the environment (territory) and what it is capable of achieving. 

I’ve also learned that when I or my clients set bigger goals, we come up with more creative (and often more fun!) to-do lists to achieve those goals. What are your goals? What are your actions? Are they being done in a fertile environment?

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