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Do you watch the Super Bowl for the football? Or for the commercials?

Even though I lived in the Eagles metro area for many years and they are playing this weekend, I’m still likely to skip the football and  just look for the commercials online both before (yes, there are some already posted) and after.

When I was teaching marketing in academic environments the class after the Super Bowl was always fun as we would watch a few of the favorites from the evening and talk about target audiences and likelihood of success for both increasing sales and for general brand awareness.   The ROI of a Super Bowl ad is questionable if you don’t get any extra buzz on social media from it.  (Here’s an article with a few metrics about that from 2016.)  Have you noticed any change in your purchasing behavior based on a Super Bowl ad?

Do you have a favorite from over the years?  Or one you’ve already seen from this year that you like? I’d love to see your favorites so please send them on over!