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Most of those (but not all) reading thisl, live in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Many of us were jolted awake last night by a 4.5-ish earthquake centered right here in Berkeley.  It was felt across a wide area, but everyone and most things seem to have survived without any damage- phew!

My daughters and I were looking for the metaphors this morning.  Was it a sign for 2018? a good sign? a bad sign?  As late teen/young adult women, they’re pulling me into a world of astrology, tarot and other metaphysical approaches to seeing the world.  My take on this is that it’s a good reminder that humans love to add meaning into everything and anything!

What meaning does your brand hold with your clients and prospects?  Are you the one driving that narrative? or are they? What media are you using to communicate it? Online? Offline?

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