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We’re about to turn the page from 2017 to 2018.

First off, thank you!

This year has had some ups and downs politically and caused me to question many of my assumptions about my country. Fortunately, there were so many silver linings. From amazing work with clients to build their success (and resilience) to whole new communities of activists that I found, both near and far.

As many of you know, I choose a word of the year to set my intentions instead of doing New Year’s resolutions.   Last year, my word was CHAMPION (verb) so that I could champion my values, my clients and my community.  It was, in many ways, re-active to the times.  Many times through the year, I reacted to yet another affront by championing my values and my peeps. This year I wanted to change that and be more intentional and less reactive.

After a long list and some false starts, I came to the word ABUNDANCE (which has been short-listed in years past as well). While most think of abundance in terms of prosperity and financial abundance, I’m choosing to also think of it in terms of Abundance of Action and Abundance of Love and Compassion, and Abundance of Joy!  I’m committed to helping others gain an Abundance (vs. Scarcity) mindset as I believe that is an underlying aspect of our national woes right now.

I wish you a wonderful new year full of abundance!