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I first joined Facebook in 2007 – a little bit ahead of the mass influx of users. I didn’t use it that much as I didn’t know many people who were using it and the power is in the network of course. As more people joined, I became more active and when I launched MarketingU, I used Facebook for marketing my business.

As I mentioned a few newsletters ago, one challenge with someone else’s platform is that things are likely to change – sometimes you’ll like the change, and sometimes you won’t!  In the early days of Facebook marketing when fewer businesses (and individuals) used it, it wasn’t hard to get visibility on a Facebook business post.  When Facebook went public, and their incentive to monetize grew substantially, the switch in algorithm pushed businesses to have to pay to get more than a tiny bit of visibility.  The pendulum has swung the other way lately. I’ve been helping some clients manage their Facebook marketing and organic visibility is back up!  Paid advertising still makes sense in some cases- but it’s not a requirement anymore. Facebook groups (as opposed to business pages) are another way to foster connection with your target audience without paying Facebook for advertising.

If you’re interested in learning more about both free and paid options for using Facebook in your marketing, join Sue Kearney of Magnolias West and me for an upcoming series of workshops.  You can come to one, two or all three to learn how to get the most out of your money and, more importantly, for small business owners, your time!

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