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What does success look like for you?  for this quarter? for this year? for the next X years?

These are questions I typically ask early on in my work with my clients.  If your goal is to add two new clients per quarter, that’s going to lead to a different marketing strategy than if you want 20 or 200 or 2000 new clients per quarter.

And success isn’t only about the quantity of clients, but also the quality of those clients. As my clients’ practices get more full, their tolerance for the ‘wrong’ kind of client declines.

If the numbers are small and the type specific, referral marketing and leveraging online and offline networks usually come to the top of the priority list;  if the numbers are bigger then we might be talking about digital marketing,  print or even bus, billboard, radio or tv.

Of course, the specifics of the execution matter too.  Are you making the most of the marketing tactics you’re choosing to use?  Are you being persistent and consistent?   And, are you measuring what’s working over time?

If success is just beyond your reach, maybe it’s time for a free consult so we can get you on track to reach your goals for 2016.  Email me at to schedule your consultation.