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I’ll start with the confession.  I started this newsletter in September.

It sat in my Mailchimp campaigns list untouched for weeks and weeks.  As weeks turned into months, it was easier to forget about it than to remind you (and me) that I don’t always follow my own advice about sending emails to prospects and customers.

Back in September, I was writing about new starts and the academic calendar.  Now in January, that still holds true.   Tonight is the first night of my Spring semester course at Mills, Marketing Strategy.  And, of course, January is a time of new starts!

Which brings us to resolutions (and intentions).  Since I switched to choosing a word of the year a few years ago, I’ve given up the standard resolution process.  Last year, my word was SAVOR.  For 2016, I’ve chosen the word LIGHT.

So, it is with lightness that I’m sending this email and getting back to what works.   What are your resolutions or intentions for 2016?  Will you leap in this leap year? Will you focus on learning?  Or on growth- both personal and business?

I’d love to chat with you about your marketing plans for 2016 to see if I’m a good fit to support you in your efforts.