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It’s back to school time!   Or back from vacation time!  Or perhaps both.

I love the sense of a fresh start that September brings to both the academic environment and to the business one.  Clients are back from vacations, prospects are ready to finish the year strong with my help, everyone is shifting out of the summer relaxation zone back into a more productive and proactive one.

It’s a good time to review what’s working with your marketing and see what other tools might now be available.  For example, Periscope launched recently and allows easy live streaming for individuals & of course, marketers along with an audience easily accessed through Twitter.  Mailchimp also has some new features that allow for better testing options.  Fall can also be a time to consider a price increase especially if you haven’t raised your rates in a while.

I’d love to chat with you about your marketing plans as we head into the last four months of 2015!