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I started writing this from the Wharton campus in San Francisco.  There’s an incredible view of the Bay and the Bay Bridge through the office window.  I can see the Campanile and the Claremont Hotel from there.

And then I got distracted.  For nearly two weeks.  But, I’m back on track now. That’s the thing with marketing.   There will be times when you’re distracted and fall off on your regular marketing efforts, whether that’s a newsletter, social media postings, networking or something else.  Fortunately, getting back on track isn’t impossible.

As you might know, I read a lot about habits and habit keeping and breaking.  It is certainly easier when you can stick to the habit and not break it, but sometimes life gets in the way.  Restarting a habit (that’s not well established) take a bit more energy than the initial start but it’s not impossible.   Recognizing that there is extra energy involved can be helpful and realizing the returns on the investment (new clients, higher customer lifetime value, etc.) can help you get back on track.

Are you trying to get back on track with some marketing?  Start today!