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Next week we’ll be visiting a couple of the colleges that accepted my daughter.   Fortunately, and through lots of hard work on her part, she has some very good options to consider.     As we revisit these campuses, the main thing we’ll be looking for is that nebulous thing called ‘fit’.

She’s a great kid and very self-aware (and if you can’t tell, I’m so proud of her!)  I am confident that she will be able to tell what fits her and her values and her academic interests.     I have that same confidence when I meet potential clients for a free 30 minute consultation.  Am I fit for this business owner?   Are they a fit for me?  How will we know?   Is their business in the sweet spot that I can help the most?  Are they ready to take action and not just talk about their business?

As analytical as I am, I realize that there’s also the gut to consider in this matching process.  Does it ‘feel’ right?   Do we like each other?

How do you consider fit in your business?   For your clients and prospects?