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I love Mailchimp. As much as a monkey loves bananas (well, most likely).

I’ve used a few other email marketing systems over the years for clients who have already had accounts with others (Constant Contact, Aweber, iContact, etc.)   I prefer Mailchimp for clients who don’t need super-fancy auto-responder options. In my opinion there are several advantages:

  •  It’s free to start and forever free if you don’t need extra features or you list stays relatively small.
  • It does allow for upgrading as your list grows or your need for features changes.
  • It’s easy to use.

And who doesn’t like to look at a cute monkey giving you a high-five when you send out your email newsletter!

I recommend a single column basic format for most of my clients as that renders well on both a computer and a mobile device.  I’m not a fan of the two column option on a phone.

I also recommend testing your subject lines.  Mailchimp makes that super easy with their A/B testing option.   You set two different subject lines and then 10% get version A, 10% get version B and after the testing time period, the other 80% get the winner!   You can also get a head start with which subject lines to try with the info in this article from Mailchimp:Email Marketing Research on Subject Lines.

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