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Join me in my next adventure!   Have you tried a Google Hangout on Air?   It’s a way to invite the public to watch your interview or group chat.

I’d love to chat with YOU about YOUR business for 15 minutes on my first Hangout on Air.  Are you available on Monday, February 23rd at 11:30am?   Let me know if you’d like to be my co-participant in this experiment!     I’ve got slots for three people!

Hangouts on Air are available for the public to watch live and then are also available on Youtube afterward.   I’ll ask you about your business and you’ll get to talk about what you do and who your ideal clients are.  I’ll also answer any marketing questions you might have!   Email me by Thursday at noon if you’re interested!

And, if you just want to watch… here’s the link! JOIN US AT THE HANGOUT!