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Some weeks are harder.  I push to get a newsletter out every single week as I know that consistent advice and reminders to my audience are important for my business.   But some weeks are harder and nothing comes immediately to mind.  Or sometimes too many things come to mind.This is one of those weeks.  Should I write about planning for 2015?  Or my upcoming workshops- Wine & WordPress on November 4th?  Or my upcoming trip to Singapore? Or the case discussion I had in my class on Monday night where we talked about the risk of print marketing (imagine 5000 brochures with a typo? or a price you want to change?)  and how that’s not as flexible and adaptable as many digital marketing platforms?

On the days when it’s harder, I procrastinate. I get distracted.  How many emails have I written since I sat down to write this? (about 10)  How many times have I looked at Facebook? (5 times- though some were to do research for some of the emails I just sent ;) )  Or just turned on my phone to see if there are any notifications?

I’m guessing I’m well within normal on all of these distractions and procrastination devices! How do you push through to do the things that will help you grow your business?    A few things that work for me are to:

1. Set a timer (and then give myself a distraction break with another timer setting)
2. Doodle and write down all of the things coming to mind to see if one is more compelling than the others
3. Write a newsletter about the process ;)

I’d love any other suggestions you have that help you to push through those times when you’re easily distracted or unfocused!