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I had a guest speaker who is a senior content marketing manager at LinkedIn come to my class last night and he confirmed that the LinkedIn long form post is now available to EVERYONE!      Have you tried it?  Did you notice it?  I’ve had it for several months and it’s very easy to use.

Do you see that little pencil icon on the far right side of the Share an update box?  You just click on that and you’re taken to a page where you can post a long-form blog.

What are some of the advantages to this type of post?
1. You can of course, write more relevant content for your audience on LinkedIn.
2. It has longevity.  A status update is fleeting and ephemeral.  A blog post shows up on your profile page on LinkedIn with an image (you can upload one or LinkedIn will provide one).
3. They are searchable via Google and add to your credibility because of that.
4. They can be picked up on LinkedIn and distributed to a wider audience if you start to get some traction within your connections (likes, shares, comments).

So, give it a try!