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I just finished up a consulting project for one of my corporate clients to help them size and allocate their sales force for 2015. Most of my solopreneur clients aren’t yet thinking about 2015, but I’m going to challenge you to start soon.

What are you keeping the same? What are you changing? Where will your revenue come from?

I make spreadsheets each year and outline where my revenue will come from each month of the upcoming year.
Will I offer workshops?
Will I offer consulting packages? How many of each type?
Which months will I be traveling for Wharton and/or vacation?
What marketing tactics will I add this year? Are there any that I want to eliminate?
Will I keep my pricing the same? or update it?
Every element of the marketing mix gets a review.

Do you want to get more organized and get the plans in place so that 2015 is your best year ever? I’m offering 1/2 day and full-day one-on-one business retreats so you can start 2015 with the plan that will let you learn it, do it, and profit! And, if you schedule your retreat by October 30th, I’m offering a $150 discount off of my regular pricing for taking fast action!

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