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Deadlines & urgency.

I procrastinate.
And my guess is that you also procrastinate.

Really, the only person I know who doesn’t procrastinate (much) is my seventeen year old daughter and I’m honestly not sure how she was spared the gene since the rest of us have it!

I am more likely to procrastinate on things that don’t have a deadline (I guess that’s obvious).  And things without a deadline also can easily get forgotten at the bottom of my to-do list (if they even make it on to the list).   Your prospects and clients probably do the same thing.  So, you and I need to make it easyand necessary for our clients to take action. Deadlines and incentives are an easy fix for this challenge.

For example, I’ve included a p.p.s. in my signature line for the past several newsletters that announces that my rates for new clients are going up on September 1st.  Not surprisingly, I’ve had several prospects request their free consultation in the past two weeks. The deadline and incentive help people to take action.  And, my new clients appreciate the benefit of the lower rates.

So, as you work on your messages,  consider including some deadlines and incentives for quick action!