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AMP: Audience, Message, Platform

For several weeks I’ve written about audience(s) and figuring out the different audiences that you need to address.  I’m moving on to message, though this is really an iterative process between all three of the components.   The message is a function of the audience and to some extent the platform (esp. the specific message).

Nevertheless, there are some concrete aspects to message that are important.   The first is to really think about how you’re the same and how you’re different from others who might do what you do.    Marketers call this positioning or finding your unique selling proposition (USP).    For many of my clients, the things that differentiate them are so obvious that they miss them!    I was offering a free 30 minute consultation to a prospective client and he hadn’t considered how his background as a CPA, and as an adviser to investors on both the buy and sell side, could really differentiate him in his new career as a commercial mortgage broker.

Have you done this work to think through what makes you unique to your target audiences? What are the aspects of your business strengths and background that will resonate with those audiences.