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Is your audience on Facebook?
If you thought about your audience(s) over the past week you might have wondered where you might them!   There’s a good chance that most of them are on Facebook of course.   Whether they want to think about your business in the context of their Facebook’ing is another question of course.   If your clients and customers choose your service as consumers (rather than in their business or professional lives), it’s probably worth building a Facebook presence or at least testing some paid advertising.Facebook has made it pretty easy for you to give them your money as an advertiser.   Once you create a Facebook page they encourage you to pay to boost posts or to choose different types of ads to drive traffic to your website or increase your ‘likes’.

Fortunately you don’t have to go with their suggested minimums either- the $20 on the boost post can be easily knocked down to just $2 for example.    If you’ve been wondering about using Facebook for your marketing and want a little help to get started, come to the workshop next Tuesday, July 22nd from 7 to 9pm.   Register by Monday at 6pm for just $25.   After that it’s $35.

Here’s the LINK !   do it now, so you don’t forget ;)