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I’ve been focusing on making my content more visual lately.

The recent social media workshop that I attended included statistics about the higher level of engagement that photos and photo albums receive. Posts with photos get 120% more engagement (likes, comments and shares) than a typical posts and photo albums actually get 180% more!

So, I’ve been really spending some extra time and effort to make my content more visual. I use many of the same tools that I use for adding images to these newsletters, but I’ve learned a few more tricks and tools lately as well.

I’ve mentioned and before as my go-to spots for images and image editing respectively. I’ve recently started using as well. The latter actually includes a directory of images that are inexpensive ($1) if you can’t find something on MorgueFile. It also allows for easier placement of images on a larger canvas. I had struggled for hours to make a new Facebook cover image that included my logo on PicMonkey and couldn’t figure it out- but I got it done on Canva in about 10 minutes.

For me, PicMonkey wins on textures and thematic selections while Canva wins on fonts and starting layouts. I’m realizing that I’ll probably continue to use both of them!

Here’s a quick tip to save you some frustration if you decide to boost a post with an image that you’ve created. Facebook won’t let you do it if it has too much text on the image.Facebook has a 20% limit on text on the image for any advertising. This isn’t an issue if you don’t want to boost the post, but if you do, it might not get approved (or stay approved). Many of the Canva suggested layouts for social media posts do not comply with this limit. So choose carefully if you think you’ll be boosting a post.

Can you tell which of the images were made using Canva? Which ones were made using PicMonkey?

Have fun making your content more visual!