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Scarcity?  Abundance?I’ve read dozens (and dozens) of books and probably closer to hundreds of academic research papers about consumer decision making.    So, when I see the marketing tactic of creating perceived scarcity, I recognize it right away.

Like the website I went to recently that said under each of the packages listed:

“Not currently accepting new clients; sign up to get on the waitlist.”
And, yes, my first instinct was to think that the programs must be great if they’re sold out.  And, my next was to think that this is probably an example of a marketing tactic and they’re creating the perception of scarcity (rather than it really being sold out).    This set of reactions is the dilemma of the marketer in 2014.   There are tools and tactics that work in the short run but that are out of integrity (at least in my opinion).   And, potential customers, don’t know which ones are ‘real’ and which ones are ‘fake’.So, how can you help your clients tell the difference?
I believe in offering a good taste of what you offer so that clients can build trust and a relationship and learn that you’re ‘real’.    Sometimes, this might be a free demonstration or consultation; sometimes this will be a low-cost service offer;  in your business, it might be something slightly different.

As you know, I offer free 30-minute consultations.  I also offer low-cost workshops and I’ve added a slew of them that are coming up in May!      You might also notice a range of naming approaches from the more exciting sounding Wine & WordPress to the straightforward Facebook Marketing Drop In, I’m testing a little bit to see if the sexy names work better ;-)   Pick a Tuesday evening in May that works for your schedule (and with a name you like ;-) )