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Happy, Happy New Year!
Wishing you happiness & prosperity!

2011 was YES!
2012 was LEAP for my business (it was a leap year after all) and Practicefor my personal life
2013 was Focus and

this year is… STRETCH!

Have you made any resolutions yet?    For your personal life?  For your business life?   This will be the fourth year in a row that I’ve picked a theme word for my year.
I am ready to stretch my muscles- both literally and figuratively.

While I don’t consider my ‘word’ everyday of the year,  I find that I’ve gotten real benefits from using it as a lens to think about where I’m headed and how I will answer the questions that come up in my life and my business.   When YES! was my word, I definitely said “Yes” more.  In some ways, stretch will drive similar behaviors but in more growth oriented ways.      When practice was my word, I was more careful to notice the sacred in the everyday.   For me it was realizing that paying attention can transform a simple act to a more spiritual practice.   It also had the nice additional benefit of reminding me that practice is important for beginners and experts.

In 2013, I did focus.  I streamlined the way that I offer my services.   I focused on building my own marketing machine in 2013 so that I have a pretty good stream of referral clients coming in.    But, now I’m ready to STRETCH!

~ Lisa

p.s. I was inspired to take on a ‘word of the year’ after I read this blog post by Christine Kane: