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Try the pen in the other hand…

Last week I wrote about the book that I read on the way to Philadelphia… today, it’s about the book I read on the way back! It was a quick read.. “Thought Revolution” by William A. Donius.

The main premise is that you can access your right brain by writing with your non-dominant hand.   Sounds a little woo-woo, but the exercise on page 3 blew me away!

Here’s the exercise:

“Try this little experiment.    Take a blank piece of paper.  At the top write the question:

‘If I were an animal, what animal would I be?’

Take a few seconds, clear your mind.  Now write down your answer.  Switch your pen or pencil to the other hand and don’t switch it back.  Re-read the question you wrote at the top of the page. Take a deep breath and let your lungs expand.   Remember, this is an experiment.  Suspend judgment about how your handwriting will look or if you’ll be able to do it.   Trust yourself and allow your non-dominant hand to write its answer to the question.”

The rest of the book has suggestions about interpreting what your right brain is saying to you and other questions to ask yourself to get to a deeper answer. To be honest, I read through most of the book before I did this first exercise and was a little skeptical.   But, when I did try it I wrote ‘cat’ the first time and ‘kangaroo’ the second!  Pretty cool.   I’ve since tried asking a few other questions of myself and writing the answers with my left hand (since I’m a righty) and I’ve gotten a few more insights.

I’d love to know what animals you write down with your right and left hands!