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2012 was a Leap Year.   Did you leap?  In your life? In your business?

Do you make resolutions or choose a guiding word for each year?  I’ve been doing the latter for a few years now and have found it inspirational.  For 2012,my word was LEAP! I’ve been taking stock of where I really leapt this year and where, honestly, it was more like a puddle jump.

My leaps included:
1. Committing to 3 and 6 month packages as my primary offer for my clients.
2. Sending my newsletter weekly (as you may have noticed over the past several weeks)
3. Partnering with various professional organizations to offer webinar series for their learning communities.
4. Moving to a great fixer-upper in exactly the location we wanted.
5. Graduating to being the parent of a middle school-er and a high school-er.  The elementary school days are over.

On the puddle jump side:
1. Took one mini-retreat with my husband.  (We had wanted to do one per quarter!)
2. Little get-aways with the kids but no longer family vacation (see #4 above- fixer uppers take time and money!)
3. Maintained income from MarketingU but no big leap (see #4 re: time!)
4. Election year didn’t completely distract me like it did in 2008, but I still lost momentum.

Take a moment to take stock of your leaps and puddle jumps from 2012.    You can expand it to include the best and worst of the year;  what worked and what didn’t.  Now celebrate! Maybe a little dance, a WOOT WOOT, a little bubbly!    I felt great just typing that out!

With closure for 2012, you can get energized to plan and create your vision for 2013.