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Black Friday, Cyber-Monday, are you shopped out yet? 
In my community and across the country as indicated by my clipping from the images I got when I searched on “Shop Local”, there is a push forspending your money with small, local businesses.

This past weekend, I took my daughter to get a military fatigue jacket (you know the olive drab ones with four pockets).  We went to our local Army Salvage store (less than a mile from our house but I’d never been in there before).     We had a delightful time and she got a jacket.  And, we both got an education about the different jackets from the different eras.  The first one she tried on was from the Korean War and it was too big for her (even as a baggy jacket).      After the owner came and chatted us up and found out that my Dad had been in Vietnam, he insisted on bringing out some Vietnam era jackets from the back for her to try.   She picked one of those.

It really was wonderful to learn more about the jacket and the supplierwho visits military shows to buy them.   She’s wearing a piece of historyrather than a disposable item.

I know this is the time of year when we’re running around and getting our shopping done, but think about which things can be purchased at a local business.   More of those dollars will stay in your community…

SOURCE: Civic Economics – “Local Works!” Study, 2008. Commissioned by Local First

If you need help finding local service providers, let me know or check out my networking group’s website by clicking here. We check references and I’ve personally used many of the professionals myself.