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Let me tell you about my love affair.   I love coffee. I have gone the decaf route a few times in my life (most recently a few months ago) and each time I’ve missed that extra bite (and kick) that the real stuff has.    So, I’m back on the real stuff; buying my coffee from Philz in Berkeley;  adding some cardamom (try it, you’ll like it); and waking up.

And this is a good time to WAKE UP! It’s mid-March and we’re nearing the end of the first quarter of 2012.    This is a great time to check-in with your 2012 plans and see how your business and marketing are aligning with those plans.     It’s also a good time to course correct if you’re not on your way to meeting your marketing objectives.    You can see my example right here with this blog post– I fell off the wagon and I’m getting back on.    Can I blame my lapse on switching to decaf?   Just kidding, I’m all about personal responsibility!

Here are a few questions to help you check in and get your marketing brewing again:

So what are your objectives for this year? I have clients in a variety of stages with their businesses.   Some are booked to capacity; some are in industries that have seen a downturn and are working on maintaining their revenues; some are growing quickly.   Each of them has different objectives depending on their current situation and their medium to long-term goals.  What are your objectives?

How’s it going? Do you have the resources you need to be successful?  How’s your mindset?

What action can you take to wake up your marketing? So much of marketing success is about consistency.   Consistently using social media; consistently networking; consistently keeping in touch with your clients.   What actions are you taking (or can you take) consistently?

I offer a free marketing consultation to new clients if you’d like to brainstorm about waking up your marketing and having a well-brewed 2nd quarter!  Send me an email at: to schedule your appointment.