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I taught the first (of a series of two) Social Media Mastery workshop this week and one of my home-grown models was part of the curriculum:


If you’re familiar with Dr. Ivan Misner of BNI fame, you might recognize some of this equation…. but I’ve added Personality to it.  And, I’ve been doing some analysis of my recent Facebook posts to see if it’s holding up.

But, let me tell you how I came to add personality to it…   A few years ago, I was new to Twitter and decided to follow David Allen (of Getting Things Done).  Most of his posts were about client work, airports, stuff he was doing and the occasional tip or insight.   And yeah, it was fine… but the one that hooked me was when he tweeted that he was going to the garden to practice his bonsai technique!  This glimpse into his personal life (and personality) was endearing and compelling to me.

Of course, when I first mention to students that they need to include some personal information or stories in their marketing communications, they are often quite uncomfortable with the idea.  I’m not suggesting that you share everything, but I am suggesting that portraying a multi-dimensional YOU is better for your marketing than just showing the fact-oriented, all-business side.

And interestingly, when I looked at the Facebook posts on my business page that generated the most interactions- the most successful one was when I announced my 16th wedding anniversary on December 30th!

So, as you’re planning your marketing communications– share your wisdom or course, but also share YOURSELF, it’s probably not TMI!