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The big news today in the social media blogosphere is the Twitter Follow button that you can add to your website to build your Twitter audience. It is similar to the Facebook Like button that allows folks to like your Facebook page directly from your website.

It is quite simple to add to your site. Take a look a the Twitter resource pageand follow (no pun intended ;-) ) the directions there. You’ll quickly have a new Twitter follow button on your website (see the right hand column of this site (just above the Facebook stream to see what it looks like). Or you can also see it right here:

So, of course, you need a Twitter account to implement this and for many small, local businesses a Twitter account is low in cost (both time and money) but doesn’t add too much value in the short run. I think we’re still looking for the killer app for Twitter for small, local business (with the exception of food trucks that need to announce their locations!) Let me know if you’ve found a great use for Twitter for your business!