which platforms work for you?

This is a quick photo from the whiteboard in my class this week.

I started teaching at Mills this week and did a quick poll to see which social media platforms my students are using. No surprise that all 9 MBA students are using LinkedIn!  Facebook was a close second with 8 students using it. It can be overwhelming to think about participating on all of the platforms that are out there (even this list isn’t really complete).

I recommend that you first think about your audience and where they are or are not showing up.  Adult women, for example, are more likely to use Facebook and Pinterest. Teens are not on LinkedIn or Facebook. You should also consider your message and if one of these platforms works better than another for conveying the message. For example, if you have a highly visual service or product (hair stylist, floral designer), then I’d consider adding Instagram and/or Pinterest to your mix. If you want to learn more about either of these, then my Sept 23rd workshop would be a good fit. ( Only $25 if you pre-register and there are only a few spots left. Register Here!)

Have you been using any of the social media platforms for your business?  Which ones? What’s working for you?

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