What are you launching?

Lots of Launching!

Apple is not the only company who launched a new product recently.  Several of my clients are in the midst of launching new products, new programs, new services, new websites! I love the energy around back-to-school and the start of fall that brings about this inspiration to clear out some old and bring in some new.

As I’ve been consulting on these launches, I’ve noticed that one of my guiding principles “progress, not perfection” often comes into play.    Not to say that the new product, service, program or website shouldn’t be awesome.  But, it doesn’t need to be perfect (since that is likely unattainable anyway!) I often find that reframing things as tests, pilots, experiments, trials, etc. can help get things moving forward if a client seems to continue to want to tweak something ad infinitum.

On my own launch list is a new web-based class that I will host at Udemy.   I’m not close to having it done yet, but expect that I will use ‘progress, not perfection’ as I push to get it done and out this fall.

What are you launching?

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