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which platforms work for you?

This is a quick photo from the whiteboard in my class this week. I started teaching at Mills this week and did a quick poll to see which social media platforms my students are using. No surprise that all 9 … Continue reading

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Two tools & one tip for making your content more visual!

I’ve been focusing on making my content more visual lately. The recent social media workshop that I attended included statistics about the higher level of engagement that photos and photo albums receive. Posts with photos get 120% more engagement (likes, … Continue reading

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It’s probably not TMI.

I taught the first (of a series of two) Social Media Mastery workshop this week and one of my home-grown models was part of the curriculum: VISIBILITY  +   CREDIBILITY  + PERSONALITY  = PROFITABILITY If you’re familiar with Dr. Ivan … Continue reading

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Twitter Follow Button- easy to add but does it add much?

The big news today in the social media blogosphere is the Twitter Follow button that you can add to your website to build your Twitter audience. It is similar to the Facebook Like button that allows folks to like your … Continue reading

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Facebook Marketing without a Facebook Page

My small business clients have a lot to do and they tend to viscerally resist adding items to their plate that require ongoing maintenance.     So, Facebook pages are often not even considered because of the requirement to maintain … Continue reading

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