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What are your Daily RItuals, Lists, Processes and Behaviors?

Process vs. product. Behavior vs. Outcome. I ran across the idea of using an analog task list (plus more) system called Bullet Journal this past week. I love making lists and have long-wondered about the relationship between writing something with … Continue reading

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Can doing my marketing be more fun? Of course!

How is it going so far this year? Are you working your marketing plan? Do you have a plan yet? I offered several free consultations last week and worked with new clients who are ready to make 2015 their best ever. … Continue reading

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Does form follow function?

Long form? Short form?  What kind of content works best? Louis Henry Sullivan, the famous architect, once said: “Form ever follows function.”    Although, he was referring to design and architecture, I think it holds in content marketing too! What … Continue reading

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Two tools & one tip for making your content more visual!

I’ve been focusing on making my content more visual lately. The recent social media workshop that I attended included statistics about the higher level of engagement that photos and photo albums receive. Posts with photos get 120% more engagement (likes, … Continue reading

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More about Gamification!

What makes a game good? What makes a game good for marketing? You might remember that I’m taking a course called Gamification offered by Coursera and provided by my very own alma mater, The Wharton School at the University of … Continue reading

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